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I made a new blog because I re-discovered WordPress and I figured this could be a sort of dump for various things, you know? I don’t know what will appear on here; I’m thinking possible reviews for books and anime/manga, and some things I’ve written. If I think of anything else, I’ll add it ūüôā

I’ve made blogs on here in the past; the first was a Dizzywood [is that place even still around? o.O] one, with¬†a seperate¬†one for stories [omigosh lolz], then one for my first crush on an animated character, Ben 10. It was sort of the same concept as the Dizzywood one, only a little more mature because I was older. Then I think I made an actual blog blog, but I was never able to get into it… So, now, on 12 June 2011, you get this random one! x3


I’ve reviewed this one before, but I’m going to re-do it. It’s a series that’s actually near-and-dear to my heart, because it was¬†the first series that I really, truly fell in love with. But I don’t like it quite as much as I used to, so maybe I can be more neutral with this now. And hopefully I won’t give too much away…

And so, we begin.
Black Butler is a fantasy series serialised in GFantasy, and has been turned into two anime series [I will only be reviewing season 1 in this post]. It’s about a young British aristocrat named Ciel Phantomhive and his extraordinary butler, Sebastian Michaelis. Sebastian is a demon that is contracted to Ciel under the terms that after they find whoever murdered his parents, Sebastian will get to eat Ciel’s soul.
It takes place in Victorian England, around 1887 or 1888, I’m guessing, because of a certain historical¬†case they solve.

Overall, I would say the way it was developed into an anime was good. The first half of it [about] is almost an exact adaption of the manga. But after, the two storylines begin to diverge. Since there’s no spoiler-hidey-thing here, I’ll be good and I will keep it secretive. I will admit that their way of incorperating the original characters into the new storyline was pretty good. For example,¬†Sohma and Agni still play a part, but they also keep the story moving rather than being a break of sorts from the story. You’ll be surprised how a cooking competition can turn deadly [minor spoiler].

But towards the end, when the action really heats up, I felt that it was a bit rushed. And our main antagonist is pretty weird, if you ask me o.O Talk about split personas [spoiler]
I would reccommend checking out the manga, because the art is beautiful and there’s more story, trust me. Five volumes have already been published in English by YenPress, and the sixth is on its way!

A quick comparison of dubs:
The voice casting in Japanese was [as a lot of animes are] pretty awesome. Daisuke Ono captured Sebastian’s sexiness perfectly, and if anything, made him more sexy. Jun Fukuyama plays Mr. McNutty– [ahem] Grelle Sutcliffe well, too. When I listen to his other roles, it’s like, where did that beautiful voice come from? And believe it or not, Ciel is played by a girl: Maya Sakamoto. Her preformance was gorgeous. Aw, hell, most of the characters had amazing voices!
Now, in the English dub [which I own], there’s obvious things to pick at, because I watched the Japanese version first. The thing I enjoyed the most was their British accents, which was something the Japanese cast obviously couldn’t do.
J. Michael Tatum plays a good Sebastian, but I think we’ve got different views of him [Japanese: sexiness to the max! English: badass demon butler who gets the job done; aka, not too much sexiness going on]. There’s also¬†obvious pitch differences in Ono and Tatum’s voices, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good.
Brina Palencia: Ooh, a lot of people don’t seem to like her as Ciel, do they? I do give her props, though, because it’s Ciel for God’s sake. I agree that she doesn’t sound natural in the role, but it wasn’t that bad. We’ve all heard worse, haven’t we?
Lau and Madame Red are awesome. I don’t really have anything other to say.
Grelle is kind of iffy for me… I’ll let you decide on him.
Sohma sounds Indian, but I never thought they rolled their Rs that much, and sometimes he’s really hard to understand :/ I remember listening to the comentary, and Brina and the other girl sounded excited because he was the only one who was really good at it, but I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be.
Hehe, Agni sounds a lot like Germany from Hetalia xD It wasn’t bad, no, but it didn’t sound as Indian as it could of… [Yes, I realise it’s the same voice actor for both Agni and Germany; haha, it’s the same in Japanese, too!]